Restore the timeless beauty of your hardwood and softwood floors, and breathe new life into worn and tired surfaces. Trust us for a flawless floor transformation that adds elegance and value to your space

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ACH Flooring offers a professional 90% Dust Free floor sanding service. We sand all types of wood floors including, solid, engineered, wood block and parquet, using the industry’s leading dust free sanding machines and finishing products to give you a great finish, we have a wealth of experience and have a true passion for wood floor renovations.

Floor sanding can be a cost effective way of improving the look of your home. Durable and naturally finished floors, are a popular choice with our home renovation clients. We believe in quality workmanship and keep up to date with new products and innovation within the flooring industry, to give you the best service we can.

Having your floors sanded will transform the way your home or business looks. We do our best to keep any dust to a minimum using our virtually dust free sanding machines, most wooden floors can be sanded and if they are badly damaged, we can replace the damage area with reclaimed wood, and we use environmentally sustainable finishes for your floor.

It’s common to find black paint around the edge of rooms in a Victorian aged home. This paint is tar based and was used to finish the edge of the room around a centrally placed mat. We have specialist equipment to remove the tar and bring your floors back to a beautiful finish.

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Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your wooden floor looking attractive for years to come. Cleaning your wooden floors is easy, sweep with a soft brush or vacuum with your brush head attachment, then apply our recommended cleaner with a spray micro fibre mop or spray bottle and wipe the floor clean.

Our recommended cleaners are designed to suit the finish of your floor, some cleaners are PH neutral and reduce dulling to your floors surface, other cleaning products contain additional oils and waxes, when you clean your floor you are also building up an extra layer of oil, prolonging the life of your floor.